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Thursday, October 6th at 6pm

Join speakers Dr. Ken Hale and Dr. R.B. Frost from the Dental Implant and Sedation Center at Dansville Dental Professionals for a free seminar on “The Latest in Dental Implants.”

You will learn how dental implants can:

  • Eliminate removable dentures and partials for greater comfort and security
  • Improve chewing for increased food enjoyment and better nutrition
  • Provide a 100%  cavity-proof tooth replacement
  • Prevent bone loss that creates face collapse and makes patients look older
  • Provide an affordable, long-term solution to restoring your healthy, attractive smile

Seating is limited! Fill out the form at the top of the page to reserve a spot.

Prevent Bone Loss and Premature Aging

Bone loss begins as soon as you lose a natural tooth. The root of your tooth encourages healthy bone maintenance in the jaw and the face, but once the root is removed, the underlying bone begins to deteriorate up to a quarter of an inch. This subtle change in bone shape can drastically alter the shape of your face, causing once-taut skin to sag. Without the support of your teeth, the lack of facial bones will cause your face to look prematurely aged.

Dental implants are implanted below the gum and into the bone, stimulating the jaw and facial bones just as your natural teeth would.

Implants vs. Dentures

Best tooth replacement available; long lasting investment
Replaces basic chewing function; most affordable, short term option
Maintains healthy bone and fits properly in the mouth
Dentures need to be periodically re-fitted due to continual bone loss in the mouth
Preserves bone quality and quantity
Facial structures decrease over time, giving an aged appearance; loss of bone can also cause medical issues
Looks and functions like natural teeth, so you can eat whatever foods you like
Uncomfortable to wear; float or move on the gums and limit the ability to eat certain foods
No need for denture creams or adhesives
Need the assistance of denture creams or adhesives to stay in place

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