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Dental Implants and Hybrid Dentures – THE DDP DIFFERENCE

  1. Single location: Many offices advertised dental implants. Often what they really mean is that they will send you to another office to place the implant(s) (surgery), and then they will restore (put in the teeth) the implants. Very few offices offer the service of both placement of the implants, and the restoration of the implants in one location.

  2. Technology: In today’s high tech world of dental implants, one crucial piece of equipment is a 3D x-ray unit called a Cone Beam. This is similar to a CT scan, but with better image quality and much lower patient radiation. Cone Beam images are considered the best possible dental implant treatment. Most dental offices do not have a cone beam machine, and must send you to another location for the image or attempt to do the treatment without this very beneficial technology. At Dansville Dental Professionals, we purchased our own cone beam machine so that we can offer our patients the best possible care and treatment, right in our own office.

  3. Training and experience: Unfortunately, dentists with very little training and no experience are legally allowed to place and restore dental implants. Fortunately for you, our team of dentists has extensive training from internationally recognized educators, and has many years of experience placing and restoring dental implants.

Questions to ask the dentist placing and/or restoring your dental implant(s):

  1. How much training have you had? What kind of training did you have? (Was it a weekend course at a hotel sponsored by a dental implant company, or several months of training at an accredited post-graduate educational institution). (DDP – two of our dentists have Fellowship degrees in dental implants.)

  2. How long have you been placing or restoring implants? (DDP - For more than a decade.)

  3. How many implants have you placed/restored? (DDP doctors combined - hundreds, perhaps thousands)

  4. What kind of implants do you use and where are they made? Are they FDA approved? Our implants are made in America by an American company, carry several U.S. patents, and are fully FDA approved.

  5. What kind of guarantee to you offer on your implants? (DDP offers a 100% guarantee on our implant surgery and our implants carry a lifetime guarantee against fracture.)

  6. What kinds of problems have you seen with implants? (If they have not had any problems, they have not placed/restored enough implants. And, they may not know how to help you if you have a problem).
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