Why DDP?

Top 12 Reasons to Choose Dansville Dental Professionals

1. Everything in One Location

No need to travel to other offices for braces, oral surgery/wisdom teeth, children’s dentistry, implant dentistry, root canal treatments, cosmetic dentistry including whitening, Botox and dermal fillers, lip enhancement, and more.

We believe travel is a barrier to patients getting the care they need. Patients tell us they feel more comfortable being treated in a familiar space by caregivers they know and trust, and who know and understand them. So, as much as possible, all care is delivered without requiring patients go elsewhere.

2. Convenience

We understand people have busy lives and sometimes need appointments beyond typical dental office hours. We are open six days per week, evenings and Saturdays, because we are here to serve you, not the other way around. Our practices are in conveniently located buildings which we built to our design for our patients, with ample parking and ground floor entrance (no stairs or ramps).

3. Fear Elimination / It’s Easy!

Fear is natural, we all have fears. We understand! We don’t believe fear should prevent you from getting the care you want. For patients of all ages, including small children, who need or want sedation, we offer a wide range of options, from laughing gas (nitrous) to IV sedation and general anesthesia, all in the comfort of our office.

4. Your Choice of Provider

It is important that you have a dentist or hygienist you like. Someone with whom you are comfortable and confident. Perhaps you prefer male or female. Perhaps you prefer older or younger. Perhaps it’s important to you that you share common interests. With multiple dentists and hygienists in the same office, you choose the personality and style of provider that is the best fit for each member of your family. Families can spend less time in the office by seeing multiple providers at the same appointment time.

5. Modern Dentistry, Small-Town Feeling

DDP offers the best of modern dentistry techniques and technology while providing that friendly personal small-town feeling: Multiple dentists sharing the same space and resources allows us share costs and provide modern top-quality care and service, at competitive prices. Our practice owners live in the community and actively work as dentists in the practice. They are personally engaged in you having the best possible experience.

6. Team of Dentists

Why have only one dentist when you can have an entire team working for you? No one dentist can be good at everything. Multiple heads are better than one. No one dentist has the time to stay current on all the rapid developments in all the different fields of dentistry. Our team of dental providers use their individual strengths working together to provide you the best care possible. You will have a primary dentist of your choosing, while other dentists and team members in the practice are ready and willing to add their unique skill set or training and experience to enhancing your care.

7. Kids Friendly!

Kids are awesome! And kids are not just little adults. Kid’s dental needs are different. Many dentists prefer not to see younger kids, or “challenging” kids, and the kids can tell! We have dentists who genuinely enjoy treating these younger patients and creating good dental experiences to last a lifetime. In fact, there are dentists, and parents, who send kids who have had negative experiences in other offices, to our office for care. Additionally, we are one of the very few offices in the area who can, when needed, safely put children completely out for dental care, or to complete large amounts of work in a single visit.

8. 24/7 Support

We are here for you! When you call many dental offices after hours, you often get a recording listing their hours, or a message that sends you to the emergency room. If you are an active patient in our practice, and you need help after hours, you will be able to speak to one of our dentists. It is not unusual for other dentists or the hospital to refer patients to us for care.

9. No Insurance, No Problem!

For those patients without insurance, we offer a membership plan. This is an optional cost savings program based upon a flat monthly fee that covers your routine care at a discount, plus a lower member rate on non-routine care.

10. Affordable – No Surprise Fees

We understand that affordable means different things to different people. We welcome everyone. We will work with you to select the treatment options that best fit your needs and desires, within the scope of your finances. We will tell you our fees before treatment is begun.

We offer a wide range of payment options, cash discounts, pre-payment options, payment plans, and CareCredit. We accept most dental insurances and will handle insurance claims for most insurances. Please note that dental insurance is constantly changing and there is a difference between “accept” and “participate”. See our Insurance page, for current information.

11. We Give Back to Our Community

We live here. Most of us are raising or have raised our families in the area. Our practice does a wide variety of community and charity work. Everything from free dental care for underprivileged, to mission dentistry, veteran services, donating to many local service organizations and fund-raising activities for schools, scouts, and the like. We keep this work low key, but we thought you might want to know.

Click here to find out more about how DDP gives back to our community.

12. We Have Fun!

Have you ever been someplace where the people working there don’t really want to be there? We love working together to help patients, and it shows. Our office atmosphere is professional, yet fun. We enjoy each other, our work, and our patients. We take our work seriously, but we understand our patients are individual personalities.

We have fun “making life better”. Many of our staff have been with us for decades. We have some employees who have left to work elsewhere, only to return to our team with a new appreciation for the practice, the way we treat our patients, and the way we treat each other. We have also had patients leave to go someplace closer, or cheaper, or in-network, only to return to us saying “I’ll never make that mistake again”.

Many of our patients tell us they “are surprised to actually enjoy going to the dentist”. We genuinely enjoy our work, and hope that you will also.

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