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Is Cosmetic Dentistry Worth It?

types of cosmetic dentistry

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Are you proud to show it off?

Cosmetic dentistry is any dental procedure that improves the look of teeth and gums. Millions of patients have found cosmetic dentistry to be well worth it, especially in individuals who suffer from dental issues that can lower their self-esteem.

An improved smile is not only beneficial for a boost in your own self confidence, but it impacts the way others perceive you.

A study by popular dating site discovered that 60% of men and 71% of women claimed they care most about teeth for a potential date. Another study found that white teeth make a person appear to be more intelligent, successful, happy, friendly, and employable.

Not all of us have a perfect smile, though. Thankfully, yellowed, missing, or crooked teeth can all be corrected through cosmetic dentistry.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry goes far beyond your oral health – it also encompasses the way your smile and mouth looks. Cosmetic dentistry deals with the overall appearance of the teeth and mouth.

Teeth Whitening: Yellow stains develop on teeth over time, especially in those who smoke cigarettes or drink coffee or red wine. Teeth whitening is the most efficient and affordable way to bring your smile back to its natural white color.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are the most natural and healthy way to replace missing teeth. A metal post is implanted into the jaw and a crown is affixed to the abutment.

Veneers: Veneers are a thin piece of porcelain permanently bonded to the tooth and can be used to close gaps or correct small misalignments in the teeth.

Bonding: Dental bonding is the application of a tooth colored resin to the surface of the teeth.

Orthodontics: Teeth can be straightened through metal braces or clear aligners, such as Invisalign.

Dermal Fillers and Botox: Some dental offices will also offer dermal fillers and botox to combat sagging or wrinkled skin in the face.

Dentures: Like dental implants, dentures can restore a full smile to those with missing teeth.


Improved Self Esteem and Quality of Life

The University if Manchester’s School of Dentistry discovered that negative oral health changes, such as tooth loss, can have a profound effect on a patient’s quality of life. The study looked at 150 men and women, all who had one or more missing teeth.

Adults with full or partial dentures were found to have lower confidence and be more prone to mild stress than adults with dental implants or natural teeth.

Prior to receiving a dental implant, patients reported having lost the ability to perform everyday activities due to feeling self-conscious about their appearance. Out of 343, patients reported a low quality of life score at 241.

After receiving a dental implant, patients reported a significant improvement in their self confidence and overall happiness. Their quality of life score rose almost 100 points.

Improved Social Life

People begin to form opinions about you almost instantly. Just by looking at your teeth, they can make a judgment on how health conscious you are, how attractive you are, or even, how successful you are in your career.

A warm, welcoming smile signifies trust, kindness, and friendship towards a stranger. It invites someone to get to know you better.

Those who are not confident enough to smile may be unintentionally coming across as standoffish, closed off, or cold.

Improved Work Life

When shown images of men and women with straight and crooked teeth, respondents perceived those with straight teeth as 45% more likely to get a job than those with crooked teeth, even with similar skill sets and experience levels. Those with straight teeth were also seen as 58% more likely to be successful.

These aren’t just random people – this could be your next boss. Your future spouse. Your own happiness, even. Is your imperfect smile holding you back from life?


If the answer is “yes,” let’s fix that. Schedule an appointment with Dansville Dental Professionals today.