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Kathleen and I fell in love with our first Alan Maley print "Winter Romance" when we were on a vacation weekend in Port Clinton, Ohio, in about 1986. We arrived at the ferry dock to the islands about 45 minutes early, and so we strolled around town, looking in the shops, just to kill some time. We happened to wander into a small art shop which had a print of "Winter Romance" beautifully framed and hanging on display. As we roamed around the shop, both of us spotted and admired the same print, independently, and then together. We left the shop, caught the ferry, and had a nice day on the islands.


Some time later, we decided to go back and purchase the print. Being newly married and fresh out of school, we could not afford to purchase a framed print, so we purchased a "remarked" print in a shipping tube which was stored under our bed for years, until we finally managed to have it framed.

That single print purchase, over the years, has grown into a collection of sorts. Nearly all of the prints in our office are Alan Maley prints – all purchased from the same Gallery in Ohio, and all framed by Gary, the gallery owner.

Gary and his wife Marie have become friends of Kathleen and mine and have visited us here in Dansville. They were personal friends of the artist and his family. Alan and his wife visited the gallery a number of times and the rest of Alan's family stays in touch with Gary and Marie. Kathleen and I have heard many interesting stories about the history behind various paintings, passed through Gary and Marie from Alan himself. Many of our patients have expressed interest in various pieces around the office, and so we thought it might be nice to share some of these stories with our patients.

We hope that you enjoy the warmth and serene peaceful feeling which these prints add to the atmosphere of our office.

About the Artist

For more information on Alan Maley and his work – contact Gary and Marie Perkins at the Perkins Gallery – Victorian Impressions 1-800-732-7332. Tell them Ken and Kathleen sent you!

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