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Rita Downey

July 6, 2017

If you were to ask me what one thing Dansville Dental Professionals could improve, I would be stumped.

If you ask me what I love, I could go on and on! We originally needed a place that was geared for children—we’ve since stayed for over 15 years. DDP is a phenomenal place. I love the:

  • Excellent workmanship. They really know what they’re doing and have a passion for doing it right.
  • Hometown personal feeling and family like atmosphere. Even outside of the business, they recognize me and stop to say hello.
  • Friendliness and respect of the staff. I don’t think they’ve ever have a bad day!
  • Professionalism, communication and business processes. Their team always knows what to do and say.
  • Clarity and assistance. They provide written estimates, varying options and personal pay plans.
  • Investment in employee training. They are up-to-date on the latest dental techniques—unlike a typical small town practice.
  • Community involvement—they’re good people!

My husband and I used to have a fear of dentists. DDP has taken that fear away.

—Rita Downey, Carefree Patient, Sparta, NY