Your “Clear” Choice for Comfortable, Confident Smiles

Are you worried about getting braces that everyone will notice when you smile? Or are you anxious about dealing with metal wires and brackets that get in the way of your bite? Radiance orthodontic brackets are clear, so while everybody notices your beautiful, new smile, your clear braces will be your little secret.

“Radiance is Confidence!”

Radiance Brackets Are:

  • Invisible – Unlike other brackets, Radiance are clear and undetectable
  • Comfortable – Smooth edges help reduce mouth irritation
  • Stain-free – A highly polished surface works as a barrier to protect your teeth from staining and discoloration throughout your entire treatment so your smile stays bright from start to finish
  • Strong and effective – Cut from crystal and treated with heat until smooth, Radiance is remarkably strong and not likely to crack or break

Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation and to learn more about orthodontic treatment with Radiance clear braces.

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