Kids Club

Our Kids Club is designed especially for the young people who come to our office that are not quite ready for orthodontic treatment. This can include future patients, younger siblings of patients, and their friends. uSmile Orthodontics tries to make your office experience more fun and interactive.

Club members receive their own special t-shirt, an awesome rewards card, and access to special contests, prizes, and events.

How can I sign-up?

It’s easy! fill out a registration form and schedule your child’s first appointment with us. We will send you and your child a welcome letter with more information.


What should I expect at my child’s first appointment?

We will take complimentary photos and x-rays (if needed) to help create a benchmark for growth and development. Dr. Mike Molisani will meet with your child and you to discuss if any early treatment is needed and answer your questions.

The majority of patients do not need treatment at an early age, but just as you visit your general dentist every six months for cleanings and checkups, we believe children can also benefit from orthodontic check-ups. We will put your child on a recall list for Dr. Mike to monitor if no treatment is currently needed.

What if Dr. Mike has already seen my child?

We will automatically enroll your child into Kids Club! You and your child will be receiving a welcome letter shortly.

What is the best part of Kids Club?

Your child has the opportunity to meet new kids, have fun with activities and events, and join in the dental community! We hope they will get excited about their dental health as they learn and grow, and Kids Club is absolutely complimentary!

Points & Prizes

Being a member of uSmile Orthodontics Kids Club has great rewards. In addition to creating a happy, healthy smile, you can redeem your Kids Club points for awesome prizes. Points can be redeemed at any time, but save them up until you’ve earned enough to get the prize of your choice.

Kids Club Rules

Kids Club Certificate

Kids Club Prize List

Chompers Bits

Kids Club Quarterly Newsletter

April 2017

My Friend & I Contest
BONUS Puzzle APRIL 2017

January 2017

Out & About Contest
BONUS Puzzle JAN 2017

Kids Club Activities

Every time you visit us for your observation examination, Dr. Mike will check to see how your teeth and jaws are growing. But, don’t wait until then to join in the fun! Earn Kids Club reward points by completing an activity or send it to us to earn one point for each activity completed. Each activity can only be completed once, but check our website regularly for fun, new activities, and new ways to earn points!

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