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Sedation Dentistry


Have you put off dental care you know you need or want because bad experiences in the past or a fear of dental treatment? Even the extremely nervous or fearful patient can have their dental work done in complete comfort. Dansville Dental Professionals offers intravenous (IV) sedation.

IV sedation often makes it possible for patients to get all of their needed dental work done in a single treatment appointment, while being completely relaxed and unaware that anything at all is being done. Patients describe the experience as “sleeping though their appointment”.

Patients may choose IV sedation for oral surgery, wisdom teeth removal, dental implant surgery, root canals, fillings, or almost any dental procedure.

Many dental offices advertise “sedation dentistry”. This can mean anything from relaxation techniques using scented candles and music, to taking a pill. IV sedation is very different, in some important ways:

  1. More effective – there is a reason why hospitals and surgeons use IV sedation for many outpatient surgeries. It works well for almost everyone, every time. It is easy, and safe.

  2. Customized to the patient – The level of sedation can be adjusted during the treatment to fit the needs and comfort level of the individual. Something you cannot do with pills.

  3. Safer – Because the level of sedation is customized for each patient, there is minimal risk of over or under-sedating. And, should an emergency situation occur for some unusual reason, a sedation reversal drug can be immediately given through the IV line already in place. NY State requires additional training and licensure and emergency equipment for dental offices to offer IV sedation.

Dansville Dental Professionals offers a complete range of sedation options including IV sedation for all of our dental treatment.

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